My PS3 controller won’t charge?

josuna123 Asked: My PS3 controller won’t charge?

When I connect my PS3 controller to my PS3 with the USB cable and press the PS button, it says that my charge level is "-". As soon as I disconnect it from the USB it tells me the controller is low and needs to be charged. When I connect it to my PC it flashes twice and then turns off. Whenever I connect my PS3 controller it won't blink lights indicating that it needs charge, instead the red lights stay solid as if it were finished charging. Is it acting like it's fully charged, because I doubt it's my PS3 usb port that needs fixing.


Zoey Answered:
did you pay your electrical bills?

Matthew Answered:

AdayDr1en Answered:
Because it was made for PS3.

If you were using an Xbox 360 controller, you wouldn't have this problem.

But…. You're not even playing on an Xbox 360.

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