Question about Ps3 3D display?

Gelico Asked: Question about Ps3 3D display?

I am planning to buy this Ps3 3D display. And I am wondering is it worth it? Is the quality of this display great? Many people said it will just last about a month because of the red blinking light. Thats why I'm not sure if im going to buy this or not.


E Answered:
bought mine in febuary and it is amazing! i love it. the only problem which i havent had since the first month is the screen will go black for like half a second. the display is 1080p which is as good as it gets! but it looks great 3d is awesome very fun get killzone 3 and the sharpshoother with 3d glasses its amazing! if you would like i can do a video review of it with actual game play on it. just add additional info and say you do and ill make one now.

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